Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Isaac Sullivan in East Grand Forks

Isaac Sullivan
Isaac Sullivan

EAST GRAND FORKS, MN ( – In East Grand Forks, Minnesota, a routine traffic stop escalated into the arrest of Isaac Sullivan, 33, from Apple Valley. Here’s the latest update:

  1. Traffic Stop: East Grand Forks Police assisted the state patrol in pulling over Sullivan’s vehicle due to an expired license tab.
  2. Signs of Impairment: Sullivan exhibited signs of impairment during the stop but refused to undergo a sobriety test upon being informed of his arrest.
  3. Subsequent Actions: Officers assisted Sullivan out of his vehicle and searched, revealing an open beer bottle and cannabis container.
  4. Charges: Sullivan now faces charges including driving while impaired, obstructing the legal process, possession of an open container, lack of insurance proof, and possession of cannabis.
  5. Previous Citations: Sullivan’s history includes over 20 citations across Minnesota, indicating a pattern of traffic and other violations.

Isaac Sullivan’s arrest underscores the vigilance of law enforcement in maintaining public safety on the roads of Minnesota.

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