Manufacturer Settles for $7.75M in Huffer Crash Case

Kyle Neumiller
Kyle Neumiller

BAUDTTE, MN ( – In a groundbreaking development following a fatal crash in July 2019 near Baudette, Minnesota, the family of Cynthia McDougall, who lost her life in the accident, has been granted a $7.75 million settlement. The settlement comes from the manufacturer of the aerosol dust remover, the product abused by the driver responsible for the crash.

  1. Tragic Accident: Cynthia McDougall, 42, lost her life in a crash caused by Kyle Neumiller, who was huffing aerosol dust remover while driving.
  2. Legal Proceedings: Neumiller faced charges of criminal vehicular homicide. Despite denying past or current use of inhalants, evidence pointed to his history of huffing.
  3. Manufacturer Liability: The victim’s family sued the manufacturer of the aerosol product. The landmark $7.75 million verdict holds CRC Industries accountable for failing to prevent the foreseeable misuse of their product.
  4. Preventing Future Misuse: The case emphasizes the responsibility of product manufacturers to safeguard against foreseeable misuse, shedding light on the dangers of inhalant abuse.

This settlement marks a significant step towards justice for Cynthia McDougall’s family and underscores the need for stringent measures to prevent the abuse of household products for recreational purposes.

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  1. You repeatedly refer to this as a settlement, which is NOT the case. A settlement means that the two sides came together and agreed on an amount. That’s not what happened here. It went to trial, and the jury found in favor of the plaintiffs and awarded that amount of money. Two totally different things.

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