Cancer-Stricken Wife Allegedly Abused by Husband: Horrifying Case Unfolds in Grand Forks

Joshua Jon Temple
Joshua Jon Temple

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a chilling turn of events, 40-year-old Joshua Jon Temple of Grand Forks faces a series of criminal charges, accused of assaulting his cancer-stricken wife amidst her battle with chemotherapy. According to reports, on April 5th, police responded to a hospital call to have Temple removed due to a history of domestic violence dating back to 2020. The severity of the abuse was underscored by a doctor’s note, expressing serious concerns for the victim’s safety, stating she likely wouldn’t survive further abuse.

Details from the criminal complaint paint a harrowing picture of the alleged abuse, including incidents of physical violence such as dragging his wife by the arms and assaulting her in the bathroom. Shockingly, Temple is accused of using Clorox wipes to clean up the aftermath of his assaults, and then forcibly shoving them into her mouth.

Temple faces a trio of felony charges, including endangering an eligible adult, terrorizing, and domestic violence. While he has been released on a $25,000 cash bond, an order prohibiting contact with his wife has been issued. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 20th, while a fundraiser to support the victim is set for this Saturday at the Eagles Club in East Grand Forks.

This heart-wrenching case underscores the urgent need for support and protection for vulnerable individuals facing domestic violence, particularly in the midst of health crises. The community rallies around the victim, offering solace and aid in her time of need.

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  1. How can he call himself a man when he can do this to a woman that is going through this traumatic experience already. He should not had bail he should be sitting in jail for life what a peice of dirt. He’s not worth the air he breathes rotten garbage should be fed to him.

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