Sister’s Car Theft Leads to Arrest of Woman Facing Multiple Charges

Michelle Mae Buffalo
Michelle Mae Buffalo

NORMAN COUNTY, MN ( – In a startling turn of events, 33-year-old Michelle Mae Buffalo, whose address remains undisclosed, is embroiled in a legal saga following accusations of stealing her sister’s vehicle.

The Incident:

According to court records, Buffalo was apprehended on March 31st by authorities on Highway 232 in Norman County, Minnesota. The arrest stemmed from her failure to halt at a stop sign, which caught the attention of law enforcement. Upon running a routine check, officers discovered that the vehicle had been reported as stolen, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

Arrest and Charges:

Buffalo’s encounter with the law didn’t end at the traffic stop. Subsequent proceedings revealed alarming details. She allegedly failed a field sobriety test and confessed to consuming fentanyl, a potent opioid. Consequently, Buffalo now faces a litany of charges, including felony theft of a motor vehicle and misdemeanors related to driving while intoxicated, driving post-revocation, and providing false identification to a peace officer.

The unfolding legal drama casts a shadow over familial ties and raises questions about the circumstances leading to such an unfortunate series of events.

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