Alleged Murder Suspect in Thief River Falls Claims Act was for Public Safety

Jorge Luis Benitez-Estremera
Jorge Luis Benitez-Estremera

PENNINGTON COUNTY, MN ( – Eleven months following the tragic death of Steven Opdahl outside DigiKey, chilling details emerge from an omnibus hearing shedding light on the alleged perpetrator’s mindset.

  1. Assistant Special Agent Testifies: Ricky Wuori Jr., of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, recounted his initial interview with Jorge Luis Benitez-Estremera. Wuori described Benitez-Estremera’s demeanor as unsettling, recalling his almost growling behavior during the interrogation.
  2. Strange Actions Revealed: Wuori testified about Benitez-Estremera’s unusual statements, including a dream involving Donald Trump and questioning whether Opdahl’s head was made of metal. Benitez-Estremera allegedly claimed the act was for everyone’s protection.
  3. Legal Proceedings: The contested hearing at Pennington County Justice Center aimed to determine the admissibility of the initial interview as evidence in the upcoming trial. The defense requested time to evaluate testimony from a psychologist who assessed Benitez-Estremera.
  4. Defense Raises Concerns: Benitez-Estremera’s public defender, Steven Bergeson, questioned the handling of the interview, highlighting inconsistencies and Benitez-Estremera’s alleged statements regarding understanding his rights.

The hearing unveils eerie insights into the mind of the accused, setting the stage for a compelling legal battle.

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