Alleged Burglar Arrested After Brazen Home Invasion in Moorhead, Minnesota

Justin Loken
Justin Loken

MOORHEAD, MN ( – In a shocking turn of events, 34-year-old Justin Loken of Breckenridge, Minnesota, finds himself at the center of a criminal investigation. Loken is facing a slew of charges, including felony burglary and theft, as well as misdemeanor tampering with a motor vehicle, following an incident that sent shockwaves through the quiet streets of Moorhead.

According to court documents obtained on March 23rd, Loken allegedly perpetrated a daring home invasion in Moorhead. Reports suggest that he boldly entered a residence and absconded with a set of car keys while the homeowner was present. Remarkably, the homeowner managed to deceive Loken by feigning sleep until he vacated the premises. Despite the homeowner’s quick thinking, Loken brazenly re-entered the home, prompting a second emergency call to 911.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the distress call, culminating in Loken’s apprehension as he attempted to abscond with a vehicle from the scene. The ordeal underscores the importance of vigilance and prompt action in the face of criminal activity.

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