Party Bus Chaos: Dilworth Man Charged with Assault After Silver Spike Bar Incident

Nickolas Krebsbach
Nickolas Krebsbach

DILWORTH, MN ( – In a shocking turn of events, 33-year-old Nickolas Krebsbach faces serious criminal charges following an alleged assault that abruptly ended festivities near the Silver Spike bar in Dilworth on Saturday night.

According to court documents, police rushed to the scene following reports of a violent altercation as partygoers disembarked from a party bus. Witnesses described a scene of chaos, with a male victim found on the curb, bloodied and with a severely swollen eye, indicating a brutal assault.

Eyewitnesses attested that Krebsbach initiated the violence without provocation, assaulting the victim and reportedly striking another man who attempted to intervene. Furthermore, Krebsbach allegedly shoved a woman to the pavement after she demanded he leave the victim alone.

As a result of these disturbing actions, Nickolas Krebsbach now faces charges of felony assault and two counts of misdemeanor assault, marking a tragic end to what should have been a night of revelry.

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