Walmart Heist: Two Women Charged in Thief River Falls Theft

Jane Marie Drury
Jane Marie Drury

Thief River Falls, MN ( – In a recent development, Tammy Lynn Brummitt, 47, and Jane Marie Drury, 67, both residents of Thief River Falls, find themselves in legal trouble after being charged with aiding and abetting gross misdemeanor theft. The charges, filed on March 13 for Brummitt and March 12 for Drury, are the result of an incident that occurred on September 22 at approximately 9:57 p.m. at the local Walmart.

According to reports, the duo allegedly exited the store with two carts loaded with merchandise without making any payments. Brummitt fled the scene in a pickup truck, while Drury remained on foot. A vigilant Walmart employee managed to intercept Drury and escort her back into the store. Drury initially denied involvement but later disclosed details about Brummitt’s involvement and the pickup truck.

Law enforcement traced the vehicle to Brummitt’s residence, where they discovered the pickup truck seen in surveillance footage. The stolen merchandise amounted to $536.92. The sequence of events underscores the importance of vigilance in preventing theft and the swift action of law enforcement in apprehending suspects.

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