Vivian Grace Coan Arrested for DWI After Bizarre Incident in Thief River Falls

Vivian Grace Coan
Vivian Grace Coan

Thief River Falls, MN ( – Thief River Falls was rattled by an unusual incident on March 11, around 5:50 p.m., when police responded to reports of an accident outside 703 State Ave. N. Vivian Grace Coan, a 20-year-old resident, found herself at the center of the commotion as she was charged with third-degree DWI.

According to the complaint, Coan’s landlord witnessed her crashing into a snowbank while appearing to be under the influence. Despite repeated orders to exit her vehicle, Coan remained incoherent and unresponsive.

The situation escalated when the officer noticed a can of electronic duster nearby, a substance Coan has a history of abusing. After several attempts to communicate, Coan finally complied and exited the vehicle. Concerns arose when witnesses suspected Coan might have been experiencing a seizure, but she was seen putting the can to her mouth.

Despite her refusal to seek medical treatment, law enforcement proceeded with a search warrant to obtain a blood sample, shedding light on a bizarre and concerning sequence of events in the quiet town of Thief River Falls.

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