Suspect Detained in Burglary Incident, No Charges to Be Filed

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In an update to the burglary incident at Gateway Apartments on 1923 North 20th Street in Grand Forks, Sergeant Kalan confirms that a suspect was apprehended. However, the apartment manager has opted not to pursue charges.

  1. Burglary Report: Earlier today, police responded to a burglary in progress at Gateway Apartments just before noon.
  2. Suspect Detained: Upon arrival, law enforcement detained a man who was found in a vacant apartment within the complex.
  3. Manager’s Decision: Despite the suspect’s presence in the vacant unit, the apartment manager has chosen not to press charges.
  4. Reasoning: According to Sergeant Kalan, the suspect was merely wandering around the vacant apartment, and no items were taken.
  5. No Charges Filed: As a result, no charges will be filed against the detained individual.

This development sheds light on the complexity of burglary cases and the discretion afforded to property owners in pursuing legal action. Stay tuned for further updates on this incident.

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