Multiple Felony Convictions Lead to Prison Sentences for Dybedahl

Noah Christopher Dybedahl
Noah Christopher Dybedahl

Thief River Falls, MN ( – Noah Christopher Dybedahl, 24, has been sentenced for several charges including two separate felony thefts and a felony drug charge.

Felony Theft and Dismissed Misdemeanor Charge

For one felony theft charge, Dybedahl was sentenced to 21 months in prison. A misdemeanor charge of theft by swindle related to this case was dismissed. In addition to the prison term, Dybedahl must provide a DNA sample, pay $210 in fees and fines, and $378.38 in restitution.

This conviction stems from a December 7 report that Dybedahl stole his mother’s iPad and keyboard. Despite giving him time to return it, the iPad was eventually found to be pawned by Dybedahl at Northern Gun & Pawn for $200.

Additional Felony Theft Charge

In a separate felony theft case, Dybedahl received a 24-month prison sentence to be served concurrently with another case. This charge was related to the theft of a Dell laptop, which Dybedahl pawned after claiming it as payment for a debt he was owed. He was also ordered to pay $210 in fees and fines, and $200 in restitution.

Felony Drug Charge

Dybedahl was also sentenced for a felony third-degree controlled substance crime (sale), receiving 49 months in prison to be served concurrently with another case. This charge arose from a November 13 undercover operation where Dybedahl sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant. He was ordered to pay $210 in fees and fines, and $100 in restitution, and must not possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives for life unless his civil rights are restored.

Additional Details

In both theft cases, Dybedahl’s mother reported forgery incidents and found a crack pipe in her car, which Dybedahl initially denied. He later admitted he would test positive for marijuana and methamphetamine.

Dybedahl’s multiple convictions also include probation violations in Pennington County and a previous transport to Marshall County for a prior sentence.

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