Man Faces Multiple Violent Charges Following Terrifying Domestic Incident

Kyle Spicer
Kyle Spicer

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – Kyle John Spicer, 35, is at the center of a harrowing case in Grand Forks County after he pleaded not guilty to a series of violent offenses, including unlawful possession of a firearm and domestic violence.

On April 25, law enforcement responded to a distressing 911 call reporting Spicer as armed and suicidal. Despite previous weapons offenses and a firearm possession ban, Spicer allegedly wielded a rifle, threatening both his own life and that of an adult woman present.

The situation escalated when Spicer reportedly pointed the rifle at the woman and then turned it on himself. During the altercation, the woman endured physical assault, sustaining visible injuries.

Despite her attempts to seek help by calling 911, Spicer allegedly prevented her and the children from doing so, escalating the severity of the situation.

Spicer’s disturbing actions resulted in a swift response from law enforcement, leading to his arrest and subsequent bond. His upcoming dispositional conference holds implications for the resolution of this troubling case.

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