Caught on Camera: Grand Forks Police Nab Suspect After Dramatic Foot Chase

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a dramatic turn of events captured on home security footage, Grand Forks Police successfully apprehended a suspect following a tense foot chase. The incident unfolded on a busy Friday afternoon within the 2500 block of 9th Avenue North, where police were spotted in pursuit of a suspect darting through residential yards.

An alert TRF News viewer shared footage showing the moment the chase escalated, with police officers closing in on the suspect. The video captures the intensity of the chase with audible shouts from the officers as they coordinated their efforts to corner the suspect. Despite the suspect’s attempts to evade capture, the footage concludes with the police handcuffing him, ensuring he did not escape.

Details preceding the chase remain unclear, and it was reported that the suspect required medical attention shortly after being detained, as he was seen being attended to by paramedics. The exact reasons prompting the chase have not been disclosed, but local authorities have been contacted for further comments to clarify the circumstances surrounding this incident.

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