Minneapolis Considers $15 Pack of Cigarettes to Combat Smoking

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (trfnews.i234.me) – The Minneapolis City Council is deliberating a significant increase in the tax on cigarettes, potentially raising prices to $15 per pack. The proposed ordinance aims to discourage smoking through financial deterrence. Key points of the proposal include:

  1. Tax Increase: The ordinance would substantially raise the minimum price for cigarettes and other tobacco products to $15 per pack.
  2. Elimination of Coupons: City council members also seek to eliminate coupons for tobacco products, aiming to reduce accessibility and affordability.
  3. Penalty Increase: Penalties for selling tobacco to minors would be heightened as part of the ordinance.
  4. Closing Loopholes: The proposal includes closing loopholes that allow indoor smoking in certain establishments, further restricting tobacco use.

Opponents argue that these measures could negatively impact businesses and may not effectively deter smoking. However, proponents assert that the health benefits and reduced smoking rates outweigh these concerns.

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