Grand Forks School Board Votes Not to Renew Contract of Ben Franklin Elementary School Principal

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a special meeting, the Grand Forks School Board decided not to renew the contract of Ben Franklin Elementary School principal, Joshua Mailhot. Superintendent Terry Brenner recommended the non-renewal citing several reasons:

  1. Performance Issues: Mailhot’s inability to follow directives, provide a clear vision for the school, maintain trust with staff, and understand safety protocols were highlighted.
  2. Leadership Concerns: Despite efforts to address these issues throughout the school year, Mailhot was unable to demonstrate basic leadership functions.
  3. Contract Non-Renewal Process: Due to Mailhot’s tenure of fewer than two years, he does not have the right to a non-renewal hearing. Instead, he may request an executive session with the board to discuss the reasons for non-renewal.

After Brenner’s recommendation, a motion was made and seconded to not renew Mailhot’s contract. The roll call vote resulted in five in favor and four against, thus concluding the meeting.

The decision comes after ongoing evaluations and discussions regarding Mailhot’s performance. Mailhot will receive written notice of the board’s decision and information on his right to request a meeting with the board before May 1st.

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