Grand Forks Inmate Faces New Charges After Allegedly Receiving Drugs via Mail

Andrew Stenerson
Andrew Stenerson

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a startling development at the Grand Forks County Jail, inmate Andrew Stenerson is now confronting additional legal trouble after authorities discovered he allegedly received drugs through the mail. Stenerson, hailing from Grafton, North Dakota, faces charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance within the correctional facility, according to court documents.

The alleged sender of the drugs is Elaine Longteen, a teenager already entangled in drug-related legal issues in Walsh County, Grafton. Longteen purportedly mailed Suboxone, a drug commonly used to manage opioid addiction, to Stenerson. The illicit substances were concealed within greeting cards, with orange stickers containing Suboxone found during a routine mail inspection destined for Stenerson.

Stenerson, who was already serving time due to a previous drug conviction, now faces further legal repercussions arising from this alleged involvement in drug-related activities while incarcerated.

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