Fargo Welcomes New Battery Manufacturing Plant

FARGO, ND (trfnews.i234.me) – Packet Digital, based in Fargo, is set to establish a battery cell factory in North Dakota, marking the state’s first such facility. Known for its expertise in drone battery design and manufacturing, the company aims to enhance the US’s role in drone battery production. Key points:

  1. Location: The battery cell factory will be situated in North Fargo, contributing to the region’s industrial landscape.
  2. Investment: Packet Digital secured a $17 million award from the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority, a division of North Dakota’s Industrial Commission, to support the project.
  3. Industry Leadership: With its focus on drone battery manufacturing, Packet Digital aims to bolster the US’s position in the global market.
  4. Timeline: The company plans to commence battery cell production by the end of 2025 and reach maximum operational capacity by 2028.

The establishment of this manufacturing plant signifies a significant step forward for Fargo’s industrial sector and holds promise for the broader battery technology market.

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