Victory for Wild Horses: Theodore Roosevelt National Park Decides to Keep Them

MEDORA, ND ( – In a significant win for wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists, the National Park Service has officially announced that the wild horses residing in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, North Dakota, will not be removed. This decision comes after the Park Service had been considering the removal of these iconic animals from the park.

The decision to allow the wild horses to remain follows a comprehensive planning effort initiated by the park in the winter of 2021. The planning team diligently reviewed public comments received during the process, which included three comment periods. Additionally, the park consulted with affiliated tribes, state officials, and the North Dakota Congressional Delegation to gather insights and perspectives.

The Park Service’s announcement underscores its commitment to balancing wildlife management with public input and stakeholder engagement. This decision ensures that the wild horses, which are integral to the park’s ecosystem and heritage, will continue to roam freely in their natural habitat.

This development brings relief to supporters of the wild horses and reinforces the importance of collaborative conservation efforts in preserving America’s natural treasures.

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