Vandalism Allegations: Jason Craig Jensen Faces Felony Charge

Jason Craig Jensen
Jason Craig Jensen

CROOKSTON, MN ( – In a recent development, 54-year-old Jason Craig Jensen of Crookston finds himself at the center of legal proceedings, facing serious charges stemming from an alleged act of vandalism. According to court documents, Jensen is confronting a felony charge of first-degree criminal damage to property, alongside a misdemeanor charge of driving after cancellation.

The incident dates back to March 1st when Crookston police responded to a report filed by a female victim, detailing vandalism to her vehicle. The victim reported that the word “snitch” had been maliciously scratched into her vehicle. Following an extensive investigation, which included a review of surveillance footage, law enforcement identified Jensen as the primary suspect.

Now, Jensen stands accused as the alleged perpetrator behind this act of vandalism. As legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits further updates on the case, highlighting the importance of accountability and justice in addressing such offenses.

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