Update on Pursuit and Charges Against Kyle Fowler in Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Kyle Fowler
Kyle Fowler

THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN (trfnews.i234.me) – Kyle Fowler, 26, from rural Newfolden, is facing charges following a pursuit in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, on Tuesday morning. Authorities began pursuing Fowler after a Marshall County Deputy attempted to arrest him at his residence for violating a restraining order filed by a female victim. Fowler’s behavior, described as increasingly alarming, led to the pursuit.

Court documents reveal Fowler’s behavior has become bizarre and unpredictable, including posting disturbing videos and sexual fantasies about the female victim who has a restraining order against him.

The pursuit through Thief River Falls ended with Fowler’s arrest at gunpoint to prevent him from reaching the female victim’s home. He is facing charges of violating a restraining order in Marshall County and fleeing and violation of a restraining order in Pennington County.

This update underscores the seriousness of Fowler’s actions and the swift response by law enforcement to ensure public safety.


  1. I bet he thought he was Bandit trying to outrun Smokey, but in reality he's JAFA. His lawyer probably aught to get a good neurologist to order An MRI to check if he's had a brain injury to explain his bizarre behavior.

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