Incredible Gas Prices! View Stunning TRF News Fan Photo

AMAZING GAS PRICE! Check Out TRF News Viewer Photo MAIDEN ROCK, WI ( An TRF News viewer just sent in a photo of an amazing gas price just across the Minnesota border into Wisconsin on this Wednesday.

Incredible! Woman Receives $137,000 Overpayment

WOW! Woman Overpaid $137,000 CROOKSTON, MN ( A woman in Crookston, Minnesota was accidently overpaid $137,000. She’s now facing criminal charges. Irene Thompson was an employee of the New Flyer Bus Company when she found an extra $137,000 had been deposited for her paycheck. She allegedly went on a spending spree and is now facing… Continue reading Incredible! Woman Receives $137,000 Overpayment