Suspect Apprehended: Warroad Police Make Arrest in Year-Long Nail Scattering Case

Travis Howard Thompson
Travis Howard Thompson

WARROAD, MN ( – After an extensive investigation spanning over a year, the Warroad Police Department has apprehended a suspect believed to be responsible for the nail scattering incidents plaguing Hallberg Street. Here’s the unfolding story:

  1. Arrest Made: Travis Howard Thompson faces charges of property damage in Roseau County Court following his arrest by Warroad authorities.
  2. Pattern Uncovered: Multiple residents reported flat and damaged tires due to strategically placed roofing nails on Hallberg Street. These incidents occurred at least seven times between 6th Avenue and Dale Avenue, sparking a lengthy investigation.
  3. Surveillance Footage: Surveillance cameras captured a white SUV, consistent with Thompson’s vehicle, driving along Hallberg Street on the day of the nail scattering. This crucial evidence linked Thompson to the scene of the incidents.
  4. Purchase Records: Police investigations revealed a purchase of roofing nails from Marvin Home Center on March 27, matching Thompson’s appearance. This purchase, coupled with surveillance footage, strengthened the case against him.
  5. Community Impact: The nail scattering incidents caused significant damage to numerous vehicles, with dozens of victims affected by punctured tires. The first reported incident dates back to January 1, 2023, escalating in frequency thereafter.
  6. Denial and Appeal: Despite evidence pointing to his involvement, Thompson denies any wrongdoing or presence at the scene. However, video surveillance contradicts his claims.
  7. Call for Information: The Warroad Police Department urges anyone affected by nail damage or possessing information to come forward and contact Officer Travis Olafson for assistance.


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