String of Crashes Plagues Interstate-94 Across North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA ( – As icy conditions persist, Interstate-94 has become a perilous stretch of road, marred by a series of collisions. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is sounding the alarm, urging caution to all motorists navigating this treacherous route.

Reports from across the state paint a grim picture of the highway’s current state. Near Valley City, photos captured by the Highway Patrol reveal a pickup truck wedged against the guardrail, while further west, in the New Salem area, a semi-truck lies jackknifed in a ditch at mile marker 282. Just outside Mandan, another semi-truck has met a similar fate, skidding off the road due to slick conditions.

These incidents underscore the urgent need for vigilance on the part of drivers. Even as far as Minnesota, accidents are being reported, with a crash near Barnesville adding to the tally of mishaps along I-94.

With the highway riddled with hazards, authorities emphasize the importance of exercising caution and adjusting driving behavior accordingly. As the winter weather persists, motorists are urged to prioritize safety above all else.

Reporting live for, this is Tom Berg.


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