Search Intensifies for 2 Men Missing After Canoe Accident at Curtain Falls

BOUNDARY WATERS, MN ( – After two canoes carrying four men went over Curtain Falls along the Canadian border in the Minnesota Boundary Waters on Saturday, authorities are intensifying their search for two missing men. The missing individuals are 41-year-old Jesse Melvin Hogan of Cambridge and 40-year-old Rees Melvin Grahams of Lio Lakes. The other two men, 47-year-old Kyle Thomas Sers of Ham Lake and 43-year-old Eric Michael Grahams of Ham Lake, were rescued on Saturday night.

The St. Louis County Rescue Squad continues the search, facing challenges such as bad weather and swarms of black flies. They are using a variety of resources, including fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, UAV drones, ROVs, sonar technology, and ground and canoe-based search teams.

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  1. while I am sorry for what happened, I don't understand why they decided to go down the rapids instead of just portaging around the falls

    1. @Troutay – Nobody “decided” to go down the rapids. If you’re going to take the time to comment on something, do some more research before being so judgmental.

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