Recent Felony Charges in Beltrami County Court 6-9-2024

BEMIDJI, MN ( – Felony Charges in Bemidji, Minnesota

As TRF News investigates the ongoing issues with the Beltrami County jail’s inmate and photo list, here is a look at the recent felony charges in Beltrami County Court, Bemidji:

  1. Chantel E. Eagle of Panema:
    • Facing felony charges of fleeing and theft of a motor vehicle, along with gross misdemeanor DWI and giving an officer a false name. On May 31st, she was pulled over in Bemidji for a loud exhaust, then fled in a stolen vehicle. The pursuit ended with a pit maneuver by a deputy.
  2. Eli Clinky of Bemidji:
    • Charged with felony third-degree assault. On June 2nd, police responded to a party where Clinky allegedly punched a male victim in the face several times, knocking out a tooth.
  3. Jaden Red Eagle of Bemidji:
    • Facing felonies of burglary and violation of a no-contact order. He allegedly pushed his way into a female victim’s residence who had a no-contact order against him.
  4. Donald Tomerdahl of Bemidji:
    • Charged with felony terroristic threats and reckless disregard. On May 31st, he allegedly threatened kids with a metal pole in his front yard, then made threatening comments in their driveway.
  5. Archie King III of Bemidji:
    • Charged with theft of a firearm and financial card fraud. On May 31st, he allegedly stole two handguns and credit cards from a vehicle parked at Northwest Technical College.
  6. Christopher Finn Jr. of Minneapolis:
    • Charged with felony first-degree sale of drugs and gross misdemeanor DWI. On June 3rd, during a traffic stop in Bemidji, an officer seized 46 grams of meth and 2 grams of fentanyl from his vehicle.

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