Carl Quam Avoids Additional Time Behind Bars for Luring Minors Online

Carl J. Quam
Carl J. Quam

TOLNA, ND ( – Carl J. Quam of Tolna, North Dakota has pled guilty to a felony charge of luring minors by computer. Despite the severity of his actions, he will not spend any additional time in jail. Instead, Carl was sentenced to 360 days in jail with 358 days suspended and credit for two days already served. He is now facing two years of probation as a consequence of his online interactions with a 15-year-old girl via Snapchat. In the conversations, Quam asked to meet the minor and requested explicit photos from her. As this case unfolds, Carl J. Quam’s guilty plea and lenient sentence have left many questioning the justice system’s approach to online predators.

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  1. they gave him this slap on the wrist! Maybe when he is successful with his next victim they'll give him a flipping candy bar! What a joke the judicial system is! throw these people in with general population who seem to know more about the nature of these things and what to do with them than the judicial system that protects them and further victimises the victim!

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