Northeastern United States Shrouded in Smoke from Canadian Wildfires

MINNESOTA-NORTH DAKOTA ( – As smoke from Canadian wildfires continued to engulf the northeastern United States for a second consecutive day, warnings were issued urging people to stay indoors and keep windows closed. The smoke, originating from numerous wildfires across several Canadian provinces, transformed the air into a yellowish-gray hue.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, much of the affected areas, spanning from the mid-Atlantic through the Northeast and parts of the Upper Great Lakes, experienced air quality categorized as “unhealthy or worse.”

U.S. authorities issued air quality alerts in multiple regions, with the smoke expected to persist for days. Conditions were particularly severe in central New York, where airborne soot reached hazardous levels. In response, officials in New York City advised everyone to remain indoors. The dense smoke even obscured views of neighboring New Jersey across the Hudson River.

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