Manhunt Update: One Suspect in Custody, Second Suspect Still at Large

EUCLID, MN ( – Reporting live from the scene, Tom Berg brings you the latest on the Wednesday morning manhunt unfolding in Polk County, Minnesota.

As of 8:00 a.m., radio transmissions indicated that law enforcement had successfully apprehended one suspect, while the search for the second suspect was ongoing. The exact circumstances leading to the arrest remain unclear, but it is believed that one of the suspects abandoned a vehicle and fled on foot.

Despite the capture of one individual, authorities are still actively pursuing the second suspect. The Polk County Sheriff’s Department has yet to provide further details on the situation. We anticipate updates later today as more information becomes available, including the possibility of formal charges being filed on Thursday.

Stay tuned for developments on this evolving story. Reporting for TRF News, I’m Tom Berg.

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