Intense Altercation: Clearbrook Woman Charged with Felony Assault and Misdemeanor Domestic Assault

CLEARBROOK, MN ( – In a dramatic turn of events, 28-year-old Taylor Klinke of Clearbrook, Minnesota, faces serious charges following a heated altercation. Court documents reveal that on March 30th, a deputy responded to a rural Clearbrook area where a male victim reported a terrifying encounter.

According to the victim, who had been in a year-long romantic relationship with Klinke, he was driving her to her residence when she suddenly became agitated. Klinke allegedly attempted to shift the gear into park while the truck was in motion, before forcibly pushing the victim out of the vehicle. Shockingly, she then purportedly tried to run him over with the truck before fleeing the scene.

Klinke was subsequently arrested, with her blood alcohol content registering at .16, twice the legal limit. While she admitted to taking the truck, she denied attempting to strike the victim with it.

The motive behind this alarming incident remains unclear as per court documents.

Reporting for, I’m Tom Berg.


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