Grand Forks Police Apprehend Two After High-Speed Chase

Elijah Belgarde
Elijah Belgarde

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In the early hours of Friday morning, chaos unfolded on the streets of Grand Forks as law enforcement engaged in a high-speed pursuit that led to the arrest of two individuals.

At approximately 12:30 AM, a vigilant Grand Forks County Sheriff’s deputy spotted a vehicle racing at speeds exceeding 80 mph along the 1700 block of South Washington St. Promptly reacting to the potential danger, the deputy initiated a traffic stop. However, the driver evaded capture, accelerating southbound in an attempt to shake off pursuit.

Undeterred by the fleeing vehicle’s maneuvers, law enforcement officers embarked on a tense chase through residential neighborhoods, navigating the city streets under the cloak of darkness. The pursuit reached its climax when the vehicle sought refuge in an alley within the 100 block of Park Drive.

As the dust settled, one occupant managed to evade apprehension, disappearing into the night. Meanwhile, authorities swiftly apprehended a juvenile passenger, bringing an end to their reckless flight from justice.

The driver, identified as 21-year-old Elijah James Belgarde of Grand Forks, faced the full force of the law. Charged with multiple offenses including fleeing law enforcement, driving under suspension, and reckless endangerment, Belgarde was promptly placed under arrest. Additionally, he received a citation for his flagrant violation of speeding regulations.

While the immediate threat has been neutralized, law enforcement authorities continue to delve into the circumstances surrounding the incident, ensuring that justice prevails in the aftermath of this harrowing ordeal.


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