Grand Forks Man Lucky to Survive After Car Collides with Train

Train Collision Leaves Car Completely Wrecked on Highway 75 Bypass
Train Collision Leaves Car Completely Wrecked on Highway 75 Bypass

CROOKSTON, MN ( – A Grand Forks, North Dakota man narrowly escaped tragedy after his Nissan Ultima collided with a BNSF train on the Highway 75 bypass west of Crookston at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Monday. Theodore Krmpotich, 36, was behind the wheel when the accident occurred.

The Minnesota State Patrol’s initial report indicates that Krmpotich’s vehicle was heading northbound while the train was traveling eastbound. The car ended up on the south side of the tracks after the collision. While specifics of the incident are not detailed, it’s speculated that Krmpotich may have braked, causing the car to spin and be struck by the train.

Fortunately, Krmpotich was wearing a seat belt, which likely contributed to his survival. Alcohol was ruled out as a factor in the crash. The extent of Krmpotich’s injuries was not specified, but they were deemed non-life-threatening.

This incident underscores the importance of seat belt usage and caution at railroad crossings. Despite the severity of the collision, Krmpotich’s adherence to safety measures likely saved his life.

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