Grand Forks Man Faces Felony Charges Following Drug Bust in Domestic Dispute

Stacey L. Ruff
Stacey L. Ruff

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a dramatic turn of events, a 40-year-old man from Grand Forks, identified as Stacey L. Ruff, finds himself in legal jeopardy after being apprehended during a domestic dispute. According to court documents, Ruff is facing a litany of charges, including drug trafficking, following a police intervention at his residence on May 1st.

The incident unfolded when law enforcement responded to a call at 820 North 6th Street in Grand Forks, prompted by reports of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers encountered a tense situation at the basement unit where Ruff resides with his girlfriend, who was already under probationary conditions subject to search.

During the investigation, Ruff was discovered in the garage of the residence, where authorities stumbled upon a cache of illicit substances. Among the confiscated items were two grams of suspected methamphetamine and eight M30 fentanyl pills. Ruff reportedly confessed to police that he was involved in the distribution of these narcotics.

As a result of the findings, Ruff now faces a trifecta of felony charges. These include possession with intent to deliver fentanyl, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The gravity of these charges underscores the severity of Ruff’s alleged involvement in drug trafficking activities.

The arrest serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against substance abuse and illegal drug trade within the Grand Forks community. Law enforcement agencies remain vigilant in their efforts to combat such illicit activities, emphasizing the importance of cooperation from citizens in reporting suspicious behavior.

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