Grand Forks Man Charged with Criminal Trespass and Terrorizing After Refusing to Leave Woman’s Residence

Jeffrey G. Tollefson
Jeffrey G. Tollefson

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – Jeffrey G. Tollefson, 38, of Grand Forks, faces serious criminal charges following an alarming incident at a woman’s residence. Court documents reveal that on April 16th, Tollefson was charged with felonies of Criminal Trespass and terrorizing, along with misdemeanor domestic violence.

The charges stem from a distressing encounter where Tollefson allegedly refused to leave the woman’s residence despite being repeatedly instructed to do so. It was revealed that Tollefson does not reside at the location and often enters the premises uninvited.

The female victim reported to the police that she informed Tollefson of her intention to call law enforcement. In response, Tollefson reportedly followed her to the stairs, raised his fist, and uttered threatening remarks, causing the woman to fear for her safety.

Now facing legal consequences, Tollefson’s case underscores the importance of respecting boundaries and the serious repercussions of disregarding them.

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