Fort Totten Woman Faces Charges for Theft of Victim’s Pants with Valuables

RAMSEY COUNTY, ND ( – Naomi Littlewind from Fort Totten, North Dakota, is under scrutiny after being accused of stealing a victim’s pants, which contained crucial items such as cards, cash, and keys. The incident, which occurred on November 23rd, has led to a series of charges against Littlewind.

According to court documents, Littlewind faces serious allegations, including felony attempted unauthorized use of personal information for attempting to use a stolen debit card. Additionally, she is charged with felony theft for taking keys for vehicles and a residence that were inside the stolen pants.

Furthermore, misdemeanor theft charges have been filed against Littlewind for the stolen pants, a belt, and $440 in cash that was found in the pockets.

The exact circumstances leading up to the incident remain undisclosed in court documents.

This development has raised concerns within the Fort Totten community, prompting a closer examination of security measures and personal safety awareness.

Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding story.

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