Former Crookston HR Coordinator Faces Felony Theft Charges Over $4,300 Missing Funds

Jordan Bergquist
Jordan Bergquist

CROOKSTON, MN ( – Jordan Bergquist, the former Human Resources Coordinator for the City of Crookston, finds himself at the center of legal trouble as he faces four felony counts of theft. The charges stem from an investigation revealing discrepancies in payroll transactions, resulting in over $4,300 in missing funds.

  1. Audit Unveils Irregularities: The city’s finance director raised concerns after noticing unusually large paychecks issued to Bergquist. Upon further scrutiny, an audit uncovered alleged embezzlement totaling more than $4,300 across four separate instances.
  2. Arrest Warrant Issued: Subsequent to the investigation, an arrest warrant has been issued for Bergquist, who hails from Fisher, Minnesota. Authorities indicate that he has relocated to the Twin Cities, evading immediate apprehension.
  3. Previous Conviction: Bergquist’s legal woes are compounded by a prior theft conviction in Grand Forks during his tenure at Sears.

The City of Crookston and its residents await further developments as legal proceedings unfold against Bergquist.


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