Felony Charge for East Grand Forks Man After Gas Line Rupture in Grand Forks

Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson

GRAND FORKS, ND (trfnews.i234.me) – A tense situation unfolded behind the Grand Forks Mission on Saturday night when a gas line at the Masonic Temple was ruptured, creating a potentially explosive scenario. Law enforcement rushed to the scene after receiving reports of a suspect hurling rocks at the mission’s windows.

The individual, later identified as Nathan Johnson from East Grand Forks, attempted to evade capture by fleeing in an SUV. However, authorities swiftly apprehended him before the situation escalated further.

Investigations revealed that Johnson allegedly caused the rupture in the natural gas line at the Masonic Center. Fortunately, emergency responders managed to bring the situation under control without any further incidents.

Now, Nathan Johnson faces a serious felony charge of tampering with critical infrastructure. This incident underscores the importance of prompt intervention and the potential dangers associated with tampering with essential services.

Reporting live from trfnews.i234.me, I’m Tom Berg.


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