Father Sentenced to 10 Years After Toddler Survives Drug Overdose

Alexander Gothberg
Alexander Gothberg

GRAND FORKS, ND (trfnews.i234.me) – Alexander Gothberg of Grand Forks has been sentenced to 10 years in prison following a harrowing incident in April 2023, where his 2-year-old daughter survived ingesting his drugs. Under a plea deal, Gothberg pleaded guilty to six felonies, including child endangerment and drug-related offenses.

In April 2023, Gothberg’s daughter overdosed on fentanyl, prompting a 911 call. Responding officers found the child unresponsive, with an open bag of powdered fentanyl nearby. Gothberg admitted to administering a dose of Narcan and neglecting proper parental care by leaving his children unattended with dangerous substances.

Police discovered Gothberg’s apartment in disarray, with drug paraphernalia strewn about. Gothberg possessed a glass smoking pipe and admitted to flushing the remaining drugs down the toilet. Despite Gothberg’s claim of a loaded handgun, officers found no firearm but discovered a bag of blue pills believed to be fentanyl.

Gothberg’s sentencing reflects the severity of the situation and the importance of safeguarding children from drug-related harm.


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