Devils Lake Man Sentenced for Theft and Preventing Arrest, but Related Case Keeps Legal Drama Alive

Jason David Duerr
Jason David Duerr

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – In a saga of legal twists and turns, Jason David Duerr, 42, from Devils Lake, found himself in the center of a courtroom drama. Duerr faced sentencing after admitting guilt to a Class A felony theft and Class C felony preventing arrest in Cavalier County. However, the plot thickens as a related case in Pembina County remains unresolved.

Arrest and Allegations

Duerr’s troubles began when he was apprehended in December for possession of a stolen Dakota Supply Group van in Cavalier County. Despite resistance, authorities transported him to Pembina County Jail.

Additional Charges

While in custody, Duerr allegedly made threats against a deputy, leading to a Class C felony terrorizing charge. His pre-trial conference is scheduled for April 22.

Sentencing and Probation

For his crimes in Cavalier County, Duerr received a three-year sentence with the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, initially serving 13 months. He now faces three years of supervised probation, starting from the sentencing date, with a restitution bill of $2,862.

Ongoing Legal Battle

As the Cavalier County chapter closes, the Pembina County case casts a shadow over Duerr’s future, ensuring the legal saga continues.

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