Canadian Drug Smugglers Take Wrong Turn, Land at U.S. Customs in Warroad

Krystle DeLeon
Krystle DeLeon


Breaking News: In an unusual turn of events, alleged Canadian drug smugglers found themselves in hot water after mistakenly delivering their illicit cargo to U.S. Customs Agents at Warroad, Minnesota. Krystle DeLeon and her passenger, Sarah Rose, both from Winnipeg, were apprehended after attempting to cross the border into the United States.

Details: According to court records, DeLeon and Rose claimed they were hired to transport cocaine from Winnipeg to Nester Falls, Ontario. However, their navigation blunder led them to the U.S. border at Warroad. Suspicious behavior prompted U.S. Customs Agents to conduct a search, resulting in the discovery of a substantial quantity of cocaine hidden in their vehicle. DeLeon confessed to being paid $2,000 for the smuggling operation.

Legal Ramifications: Krystle DeLeon faces two counts of first-degree sale and possession of cocaine, each carrying a maximum 40-year sentence. Her accomplice, Sarah Rose, also faces similar charges.

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Sarah Rose


  1. lol, stupid IDIOT. I heard she took advantage of her hairstylists at her salon too. How you finna do a brick run for $2k and get caught at the AMERICAN border when it was a CANADIAN drop? LOL. No brains. Probably thought “oh we should save time and cross the border” Lights are on but no one is home. And then she also didn’t wait for a lawyer and spilled ALL the beans LOL. Like sorry dumb dumb, being honest now doesn’t make things better.

    1. She had it coming.. she borrows/steals money from people all the time and does everyone around her dirty. What’s new. Karma karma karma

  2. way to ruin your life krystal.
    so stupid.
    This will def circulate all over Winnipeg like wild fire.
    winnipeg wildin insta post!!

  3. I’m sure she’s already beating herself up. Some of you need to be kind. No point in coming on here and bashing her. What she did was silly and illegal. Hope she learns from it. She seemed like a nice and kind person from what I heard.

    1. She’s actually not a nice person… she’s shady. Bad business practices, fucks everyone over and overall just a scum of the earth. She deserves what’s coming.

      1. I’m talking about Krystle, not the other girl. She is a very kind person, and her salon was doing very well. Lots of returning clients. So unless you have facts, don’t defame her name with nasty comments. What she did in this scenario was dumb and reckless YES, and she may have to live with it for 40 years. But be honest and call a spade a spade. She was a nice person.

        1. Yes and I’m talking about Krystle as well.
          I don’t know Sarah but it’s well known in the community that Krystle is a shady person who lies and screws people over. She has no long term friends and hangs with hood rats half her age. I have lots of ‘facts’ but we don’t need to go there.
          If you were a client, you just knew her surface level. Just because she’s a “nice” person, doesn’t mean she’s a good person, Wendy. I will let karma and fate run its course, she will get what she deserves.
          Lastly, a ‘good’ and ‘kind’ person wouldn’t compromise their family’s safety by snitching but that’s just me. She knew what she was doing and she knew the game. Call a spade a spade – right Wendy😊

          1. Well I stand corrected. She just seemed really nice and kind from what I saw. I really don’t like to kick people when they’re down. But I’ll concede if my assessment was wrong.

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