Breakup Turned Violent: Fergus Falls Man Faces Felony Charge for Pepper Spray Attack

Daymian J. Stach
Daymian J. Stach

FERGUS FALLS, MN ( – In a startling incident stemming from a breakup in Fergus Falls, a man now faces serious charges after allegedly resorting to pepper spray during a heated argument. According to court documents, the altercation unfolded when the male victim arrived at a Fergus Falls residence to assist a friend in moving belongings out of an apartment amid the breakup with his girlfriend.

As tensions escalated, Daymian J. Stach purportedly deployed pepper spray on the victim before retreating to the apartment. The victim, caught off guard by the sudden attack, now grapples with the aftermath as Stach faces a felony charge for the use of tear gas in the altercation.

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