BREAKING: Update on Crookston House Fire: Family Displaced, Cause Under Investigation

CROOKSTON, MN ( – Early this Wednesday morning, TRF News delivers an exclusive update on the recent house fire in Crookston, MN.

  1. Timely Coverage: At 3:14 a.m., TRF News was on the scene, speaking directly with Crookston Fire officials, who confirmed that all occupants, including both people and pets, safely evacuated the premises.
  2. Displacement: Despite the fortunate escape, the family residing in the affected home has been left without shelter due to the severity of the damage. The American Red Cross has been notified and is offering assistance to the displaced family.
  3. Extent of Damage: The house suffered significant damage from both fire and water, leaving it uninhabitable. Heavy smoke permeated throughout the structure, compounding the destruction.
  4. Investigation Ongoing: While the immediate concern was ensuring everyone’s safety, the cause of the fire remains unknown and is currently under investigation by authorities.

Stay tuned to TRF News for further updates on this developing story.

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