Bagley Incident on Friday Night Ends Without Injury

BAGLEY, MN ( A Friday night incident in Bagley, Minnesota with officers searching for an armed man has ended without incident. A subject was apparently taken to an ER for an evaluation.
if you haven’t already done so uh you
can uh do another call out in this area
to to lift the shelter in place the
ongoing incident in Bagley Minnesota
apparently ended after 9:00 on Friday
night no official word from law
enforcement yet but I just messaged by
someone with uh knowledge of the
situation saying the subject in this
case was taken to the ER for an
evaluation as we reported earlier around
uh 7:30 Friday night and officer tried
to pull over a person on a traffic stop
and they pulled into a residence behind
the Family Dollar Store and the man was
uh apparently armed with a long gun and
there was a search to find him and uh
take him into custody I’m Neil Berg
reporting for in

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