UPDATE: Bagley, MN Incident Concluded, Shelter-In-Place Order Lifted Friday Evening

BAGLEY, MN (trfnews.i234.me) An incident involving an armed man in Bagley, Minnesota on this Friday night has ended. A shelter in place order has been lifted.
that incident we’ve been covering
tonight in baggley has ended a uh
shelter in place was lifted around 9:20
p.m. on this Friday if you haven’t
already done so uh you can uh do another
call out in this area to to lift the
shelter in place now no details yet uh
but we did not hear any call for an
ambulance so hopefully everyone’s okay
this started around 7:30 tonight when a
person didn’t stop and a traffic stopped
he uh pulled in to a residence behind
the Family Dollar Store in baggley and
was armed then there was a search for
him and now the shelter in place has
been lifted uh we’ll have an update with
more details as soon as they’re
available that might be on Saturday I’m
Neil Berg reporting for I

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