Alleged Burglar Caught: Elijah Williams Facing Felony Charges

Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams

BADGER, MN ( – In a recent development, 23-year-old Elijah Williams of Badger, Minnesota, is at the center of a legal storm, facing serious felony charges. According to court documents, Williams is accused of first-degree burglary and burglary in the second degree, including possession of tools for burglary.

The incident unfolded on March 20th, when a Roseau County Deputy responded to reports of stolen televisions from a residence in Badger. The first report came in at 4:38 a.m., followed by another at 7:30 a.m. Remarkably, both reports implicated Williams in the theft.

Law enforcement took action swiftly, pulling over Williams during a routine traffic stop. Shockingly, Williams admitted to having the stolen TVs in his U-Haul vehicle, leading to his subsequent arrest.

This turn of events has shaken the local community, highlighting the importance of vigilance and swift action in combating crime.

For further updates on this unfolding legal saga, stay tuned to our news channel.

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  1. It must be rough standing around.. waiting for someone to leave for work…get all the tools.lift the window to steal something that isn't yours…and then getting "harassment" from the Police because…well… They are all RACIST…Damm… Paint the Mural already

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