Wahpeton Man Sentenced for Shooting Cousin in Chest

Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane

WAHPETON, ND (trfnews.i234.me) – In a courtroom filled with tension and emotion, Shawn Lane, a 37-year-old resident of Wahpeton, received his sentence on Friday for the shooting of his cousin in the chest.

Guilty Verdict: Following a trial in February, Lane was found guilty by a jury of aggravated assault and shooting a firearm within city limits.

Sentencing: The judge handed down a four-year prison sentence, coupled with three years of supervised probation. Despite the severity of the crime, Lane will receive credit for nearly a year already served.

The Incident: The incident occurred in June 2023 when Wahpeton Police responded to a distress call at 1358 12th St. N. A woman outside the apartment building was administering first aid to Lane’s 34-year-old cousin, who had been shot in the chest.

Shelter in Place: Upon arrival, police issued a shelter-in-place order for a six-block radius and evacuated residents. Lane claimed self-defense during police interrogation.

The sentencing brings a sense of closure to a traumatic event that rattled the Wahpeton community.


  1. he will do 2 more years for attempted murder, wow not going to stop anyone from shooting people with that light sentence. his time in prison will make his mental health decline causing him to come out meaner than when he went in. A person who tries to kill a family member is very sick. i feel for the cousin because in 2 years this guy will be back in his community and the cousin will have to see his attacker at the gas station and food store. how safe will the cousin feel? will the cousin have sleepless nights

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