U.S. House Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan After Months of Delay

WASHINGTON D.C. (trfnews.i234.me) – In a long-awaited move, the U.S. House finally approved a $95-billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan this Saturday. Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, urged colleagues to support these critical national security bills, emphasizing their role in bolstering military strength, reassuring allies, and standing against tyranny worldwide.

After months of deliberation, the three bills were put to a vote and passed, with expectations for Senate approval and subsequent signing next week. However, the voting pattern of representatives from Minnesota and North Dakota showcased division.

North Dakota’s Representative, Kelly Armstrong, voted against the bill, particularly opposing the $60 billion allocation for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression. Armstrong’s stance raises eyebrows, especially considering his rejection of a significant infrastructure bill benefiting North Dakota. Notably, Armstrong is exiting the House to run for governor.

Additionally, three Republican Representatives from Minnesota—Brad Finstead, Michelle Fishbach, and Pete Stobber—also voted against funding for Ukraine, indicating a split within the Republican party on this critical issue.

Stay tuned for further developments on this significant legislation.


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