Two Men Face Criminal Charges After Terrifying Ordeal in Devils Lake, North Dakota

Byron Littleghost Sr.
Byron Littleghost Sr.

DEVILS LAKE, ND ( – Byron Littleghost Sr. and Patrick Little Sr., both residents of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, are in legal trouble following a harrowing incident documented in court records.

On April 16th, a chilling event unfolded where Byron Littleghost Sr., wearing a skull mask and wielding a knife, reportedly menaced a woman and her two young children, aged one and two. He allegedly prevented them from leaving a bedroom, instilling fear and trauma in the victims.

Simultaneously, Patrick Little Sr. is accused of assaulting another adult during the ordeal.

Byron Littleghost Sr. faces six serious charges, including felonies for terrorizing and felonious restraint. Patrick Little Sr. is charged with two felonies, specifically for aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and terrorizing an adult victim.

This disturbing incident has left a community reeling, highlighting the importance of swift legal action and support for the victims.

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Patrick Little Sr.

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