Trout Stocking Thrives: Minnesota DNR Revitalizes Northern Streams

BAUDETTE, MN ( – Recent initiatives by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have invigorated trout streams across northern Minnesota. Partnering with the Northern Light region newspaper, the DNR restocked local streams with approximately 1,000 catchable size trout. These efforts aim to enhance angling experiences and preserve the region’s vibrant trout populations.

In particular, the DNR focused on stocking rainbow trout in Pit Grade on May 21st and brook trout in Beamus Hill Trout Stream by the end of April. Pit Grade, situated along Pit Grade Forest Road, offers prime fishing opportunities just 5 miles south of Pit. Meanwhile, Beamus Hill Trout Stream, located southwest of Warroad, promises serene fishing spots for enthusiasts.

Anglers eager to partake in trout fishing must possess a valid trout stamp validation and a Minnesota fishing license, ensuring responsible and sustainable fishing practices in designated trout streams like Pit Grade.

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