Shame on You consumer watchdog reporter dies at 74 – .

148 Arnold Díaz was a reporter and consumer watchdog whose news segments “Shame on You,” “Shame Shame Shame,” and “What a Shame” made him an icon in the New York City news scene and the bane of bad businesses everywhere.  Arnold Díaz’s legacy  Hailing from Brooklyn, Díaz built his legacy on helping consumers stand up… Continue reading Shame on You consumer watchdog reporter dies at 74 – .

UPDATE: Controversial EGF Reporter Arrested, After Allegedly Violating Florida Restraining Order

EAST GRAND FORKS, MN ( A controversial East Grand Forks reporter was arrested for allegedly violating a Florida restraining order. Holmseth plead not guilty to the charge in Polk County District Court Tuesday. He was released from jail with his next court appearance scheduled in April.

13- Year Old Blizzard Reporter Nails It!

STARKWEATHER, ND ( We have a weekend blizzard report from a 13-year-old in Starkweather, North Dakota. – Mentioning a recent blizzard – Introducing a weather reporter named Jocelyn from Starkweather, North Dakota – Praising Jocelyn’s reporting skills – Difficulty hearing at the end due to winter weather conditions – Jocelyn signing off – Thanks Jocelyn… Continue reading 13- Year Old Blizzard Reporter Nails It!

TRF News Reporter, Neil Carlson Gets Tested For COVID-19

GRAND FORKS, ND ( Here’s a look at what it’s like to be tested for COVID-19. reporter, Neil Carlson took part in a public, mass testing event in Grand Forks, North Dakota.