Standoff Ends in Larimore: Suspect Shot After Refusing to Surrender

Troy Larson
Troy Larson

LARIMORE, ND ( – In a dramatic turn of events on Saturday, March 23, at 1:24 p.m., law enforcement authorities were summoned to 502 West 8th St. in Larimore following reports of a shooting. The Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office swiftly responded to the distress call, plunging into a tense standoff situation that ultimately culminated in gunfire.

According to Grand Forks County Sheriff Andy Schneider, deputies arrived on the scene to find a dire situation unfolding. Initial assessments revealed that 43-year-old Troy Larson had allegedly opened fire inside a residence, targeting both a man and a woman. Tragically, 64-year-old Jamey Holweger succumbed to his injuries, with authorities pronouncing him dead at the scene.

Efforts to peacefully apprehend Larson were met with resistance as he ignored repeated commands to surrender. The situation escalated as Larson reportedly fired multiple rounds at the SWAT team, imperiling the lives of law enforcement officers. Despite attempts at de-escalation, Larson emerged from the residence wearing only a bathrobe, but his actions continued to provoke alarm.

In a decisive moment, Sergeant Ryan Wadlow discharged his AR-15, striking Larson in the back, while another deputy deployed a 40mm round, further incapacitating the suspect. Larson was promptly subdued and received medical attention from SWAT team paramedics before being transported to Altru Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Schneider commended Sergeant Wadlow’s swift and decisive action, highlighting his extensive law enforcement experience, which proved instrumental in resolving the perilous situation. As investigations unfold, authorities have disclosed the familial relation between the suspect, Troy Larson, and the deceased victim, Jamey Holweger.


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